Thursday, December 24, 2015

Grace's Christmas Program

Grace had a nice program with only third graders from her school. It was fun to see everyone, hear the songs, and see how proud the kids were of their songs. They did a great job and sang some classics and mixed in some fun new songs too! 

 Grace and her friends and teacher after the program.

Away in a Manger

You guys. The sweetest thing happened this holiday season.

Let me tell you. For those who know Annie well, you know she can be pretty shy around some people, new people, or when her core crew isn't by her side. She's been going to Wednesday school at church and Blondie has been sweet enough to stay with her in class, by her side, and make her comfortable. The church Christmas program was coming up and there was NO WAY that Annie was interested in anything about it. She didn't want to go with her class, she didn't want to be at church, she didn't want to sing. At all.

Come weekend of the program, we talked her into at least going into church. Rehearsal was on Saturday and apparently she was a hot mess. Poor Blondie had to deal with Little One melting down about Mommy not being around, not wanting to sing...yada yada. The whole deal. She even pulled out classic excuses she clearly learned from her sister like "I don't feel good. My tummy hurts. I'm tired. I have to potty. My throat hurts - I need a drink." And the best part is - Blondie didn't buy any of it. She smelled her coming from a mile away.

Anyway - to get to the point. Program day came, there were lots of bribes from me there was lots of fit throwing from her. Standard day really. She didn't want to stay with her teacher before the program so Blondie hauled her around...I went and found my place in the audience fully expecting this all to turn into a disaster and she would just come sit with me, which I had accepted in my mind and really, it's not a big deal anyway. It's a church program and she's 3.

Oops - I didn't get a picture of just Grace or Grace and Annie together!

And then...she surprised the hell outta me. She stood up there for the first song and mouthed a whole ton "words" (they weren't even words), but she looked totally into it. Then Grace sang with her age group, beautifully and seamlessly of course, and Annie came back up stage. Then it happened. This. The sweetest video I've ever seen of her:

I mean honestly. I about die every time I see it. And likely just because it was totally unexpected. She actually seemed to love it up there. We were close so she was talking to me and asking me where "Grandma's boy was?" Which meant "Great-grandma, where is Great-grandpa?" Adorable. And seeing Blondie up there with her being such a great sister makes my heart swell. Oh and the little boy next to Grace, how cute is he?! Love when they are interacting.

So that's that. The sweetest thing that happened in December.

ALSO - if you're interested in reading more rambling. Feel free to continue. Did you notice the glitch in the movie? Well, in all of my amazingness, I was running out of space on my camera memory card. So I deleted a few what I thought were blurry videos here and here. Later that night I went to find this video and it was no where. I immediately knew that I had accidentally deleted it. Next day,  there was this guy, the man who saved the year, he's an amazing co-worker who saved my heart. He was able to pull the deleted file from my camera card, recover it, and get out all of the "yucky glitches." Except that one, that's there to stay. But honestly better than nothing, or the black screen I got when attempting to recover.

Phew, that's all friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU and YOUR FAMILY!


What a pic to end on. :) Nose picker and all.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Grace Found the Magic"

Back in early 2015, okay, think way early like maybe even January 1st, 2015 we were out in Spearfish visiting Cody's family (probably for our Christmas with them) and "Wiggle" Grandma Michele took Grace out for some winter fun and photos. She even armed her with a camera so that she could take pictures herself.

Michele got some really great photos of Grace that day. And Grace took some cool ones too. Before I forgot about these images I wanted to make sure to share!

All of them were taken by Michele, M Richter Photos, she has a great collections of photos on her Facebook page too.

I love lots of things about these photos, but mostly these things:
1. they totally capture grace's personality
2. Michele titled them "Grace Found the Magic" and she totally did, I can see it in her face
3. Grace was so excited to be introduced to photography from Michele while out and about and Grace got to capture some of her own images
4. there is a certain sweetness and innocence preserved here that I just adore

THANKS Michele for sharing these!