Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It was a trip I had been planning, counting on, and looking forward to for months. MONTHS. My friend and co-worker and I purchased tickets to the Maroon 5 concert in Kansas City back in September for March show and couldn't wait to see Adam Levine live on stage and singing. And we also couldn't wait to sing our hearts out to him either.

The day finally came. I've been to Kansas City a few times (and love the city by the way), so knew it was a haul down there. Wowza, reconfirmed, yup, it's a haul down there. A few pee stops, lunch, a stop for Sonic Strawberry Limeaid (hence the pee stops), a stop at a boutique, 9 hours, and several dozen Maroon 5 songs played on the radio later, we made it.

Saturday we hung out Kansas City style on the plaza. We shopped and dined on the best BBQ around and jammed out to more Maroon 5 while getting ready. Finally. The moment had come. Time to head to see my favorite.

I'll spare you the dozens of photos and videos with me screaming out the songs in the background and just share a few with you. Basically, we had the best time.

Below might be the best shot of the whole night. (Sorry Dad, Grandma and Grandpa...oh Cody too!...wait totally not sorry)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Little Readers

Our world has been crazy lately. Hectic. Unpredictable. On the go. But filled with so many moments of joy. Memories. And little changes to stop, pause, and enjoy life. One of those moments came last night. We are hosting company this weekend, so in the hustle and bustle of the grocery store, supper, homework and baths, we were running around quite a bit last evening.

However, our bedtime routines are something I most always keep the same. We bath. We snuggle on the sofa. We read. We tuck in. And last night, though my mind was racing, I paused when I saw something beautiful. My two sweet littles, each in their own bed, each enjoying a hobby. Reading. Then I noticed they were in practically the same position reading their book. Silly blondies.

I need to continue to remind myself to stop and enjoy these little things before these two grow up on me!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Back in October...

This post is several months old, but I wanted to share it because there were lots of fun memories from this trip. In October, the girls and I went to Minnesota to visit both Grandpa Wally Bierman and Grandma Fran Moret for their 90th birthdays. It hard to get on the road again after we just had finished with a trip to Lincoln and the girls were in Minnesota, but I am so glad that we did. I always dread the thought of traveling, and it isn't always easy, but it's always worth it for us. My kids have learned to be road warriors, and while they aren't perfect, they certainly do as good as I can expect them to do. 

First stop was in Springfield to see Grandpa Wally. He had just moved into a different place basically on the same complex that he was in before. It's a place that has a little more care if he needs it. I just love the Grandpa's drinking coffee with the girls. And it felt as if Grandma could have been sitting right there next to him too. My favorite quote from him from this day when I asked him how he was feeling was, "Well, I feel like I'm about 92!" So much older than the 90 years old that he is! :) My cousin Chase also stopped by on his busy Saturday at work to have coffee and pastries with us. 

Next up, we left Springfield and hit the road again and drove to White Bear Lake for Grandma's 90th birthday party. Nearly the whole crew was in attendance.

This is a picture Grandma and her four kids. Unfortunately, since this photo was taken, we lost Uncle John, UJ. We will miss him and his crazy but cool hobbies, his love for Christmas and all of us kids and our kids, but know that he is so much happier and freer now. He now can explore heaven for all its glory and collect everything he can get his hands on up there. I know my Mom and her sisters greatly miss him and have an empty place without him. 

Afterward, we jumped back in the car and headed to Forest Lake to my aunt and cousin's house. Here we had a serious game of basketball going on on the new court, an amazing bonfire, beautiful views, and joyous times with family. I especially love all of the fun these three had together.

Annie and Addie hit it off great, and my cousin Lisa, Addie's aunt, always knows just the right things to get these little girls happier than ever. This particular day, they went on some adventures and had a great time singing, dancing, and jumping. I can't wait to see the video from Lisa and Brian because it's totally cute overload I've been told. 

This is a place that I have so many fond memories of as a child. I would come up here for weeks in the summer, sometimes I think I almost spent more time here in the summers than I did at my own home. And to top it off, it's absolutely beautiful here. There are so many funny memories we still talk about from my time here. Now my cousin and her beautiful family have moved in upstairs and my Aunt and Uncle have claimed the downstairs. A house filled with people I love!

The Brodeur's had recently installed this basketball court on the property, so there was a serious showdown on the court. We had a great time and were completely exhausted. I was very sore for several days, and kept asking myself why I was so sore, later remembering that during all of the fun we had I had moved my body in ways it hadn't been moved in a long time!

Again that night we jumped back in the car and drove to St. Paul. We stayed with my cousin Lisa and her husband Brian. They have a beautiful old home in St. Paul that I can't get enough of. They were such great hosts, we were so cozy and comfortable there. I know we'll be staying at the Zinnel B&B again soon!

The next morning we were greeted by the Brodeur's who joined for an amazing breakfast prepared by Lisa and Brian, we had some fun before taking off again that morning. We hit the road and went back to Marshall, dropped off my Mom and Dad, and the girls and I took off for home for a 4 hour trip back to Pierre. It was a whirlwind. But a perfect one. Lots of miles, laughs, and irreplaceable memories.

We'll miss you UJ.